For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of YeHoVaH as the waters cover the sea.

Dedicated to Restoring All Things!

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The Glory Broadcasting Network Streams HDTV LIVE 24/7 from The Glory Studio in
San Jose, CA in Silicon Valley

The unveiling of the Mysteries and Revelation of YeHoVaH’s
prophetic scriptures are what inspired the creation of
The Glory Broadcasting Network,

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Booming Thunder Radio TV streams live from The Glory Studio and simulcast with our Booming Thunder Podcast Program - Honey from the Rock.  The program is hosted by Brother TC Blalock who shares the truth, inspires the saints with the true Gospel and the revelation of the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. Featuring  guest interviews and live caller Q&A sessions.  The music from the past, those songs that are filled with hidden revelatory light, are shared to bring revelation to renewed minds for such as a time as this.  We groove as the Holy Spirit moves us.


The Glory Studio Show streams LIVE from San Jose, CA and is hosted by Brother TC Blalock.  He reveals what has been learned in setting up The Glory Broadcasting Network, the studio, the software, and all the gear!  All the pitfalls and fixes are revealed, your questions answered as well as new products reviewed.  

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Elijah TV airs on the Second and Forth Sabbath Day at 8:30am. This Bi-Weekly Broadcast is part of The Elijah Ministries. We are a small group of servants that have come to make The Way straight and to restore all things.  We teach the things that are mysteries to the world’s religious systems.  We reveal the truth hidden in the Torah and the Parables of Yahshua.    It is our hope, with prayer, that freely giving the Revelation of The Word will bring forth an awakening upon the world,  a rising up of those Who Love the Truth! We  battle for the hearts, minds and spirits of those that are asleep, Yea those that will find they have no oil left in there lamps at the appointed time of Yeshua's Coming. 

Shabbat Light LIVE! airs on the First and Third Sabbath Day at 8:30am. This Bi-Weekly Broadcast is part of our Beth-Peor Aviv Fellowship.  Brother TC and guest host Brother Rodney come together and discuss the Mashiach that is to come.   

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Hanukkite Warrior TV airs on the Second & Fourth Wednesday Nights at 8pm Pacific. The Hanukkite Warriors unite as the truth is revealed that gathers the saints and manifests Heaven upon the Earth. TC Blalock with others reveal the truth of the greatest story never told!  We’ll explain many mysteries of the Gospel records and reveal the good things that are to come from study of the Torah.    

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Take the Journey is a program that airs live from inside The Chariot of Fire, it’s a red 1952 Split Window, ragtop VW that streams LIVE while riding along the highways and byways inviting all to the marriage feast and to walk along The Way. While parked at various locations, the LIVE broadcast continues as we go to the streets searching, interacting and questioning the lost sheep from the tribe of Israel.  This is a religion FREE program that only shares the Truth, not the lies the religious systems have inherited from our fathers.  Ride out of Mystery Babylon with US!

TC Blalock calls out to those bound by the worlds religious systems, Babylon, to turn away & renew their minds with revelation of Him who sent us.

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